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Automotive Window Tint

Model - Q30

Q30-Quartz Diamond™ Series

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT):30%
Infrared Rejection Rate (IRR):92%
Ultraviolet Rejection Rate (UVR):99%
Interior Reflection (IR):6%
Exterior Reflection (ER):6%

A High Standard Car Window Film that Makes Every Ride More Enjoyable.

Benefits of Automotive Window Tint (Q30):

Enhance privacy; improve comfort

Block harmful UV rays; decrease fading of furnishings

Eco-friendly and sustainable green material

Low interior and exterior reflection

Efficiently reducing heat coming in through the windows

Best for side window and back window

Six Reasons Why To Have Window Film Installed

Blocking the Incoming Ultraviolet (UV) Rays
Solar King® Window Film can block up to 99% to 100% (≦400nm) of harmful UV rays. It remains the best protection of your skin and vision. Furthermore, it protects your expensive furniture from fading, changing color, weakening or breaking down caused by UV damages.

Cutting Off Excessive Heat Penetration
Window film is the best and efficient way to reduce excessive heat penetrating through your windows.

Reduction of Glare, Like Sunglasses for Your Window
Car window tinting film is the best way to protect you from the direct glare from sunlight. It allows you to have a great view when driving. And it provides you a better idea to take caution on the traffic signs.

Prevention from Window Shattering and Breakage
Window film protects the windshield and side windows of your car from severe shattering upon impact; while a stone hits, it provides an extra protection to the glass. More importantly, it reduces the possibility of window pieces ejected from the car through the windows while involved in an accident.

Enhance Appearance
Solar King® provides a wide variety of window film choices that will suit your car. It also keeps your car interior looking good.

For Privacy
If your building is facing a street, you may want to protect your house from people peeking in. Window film provides you a better solution by letting the natural lights in while protecting your privacy.

Automotive Window Tint Q30

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