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Shatterproof Window FilmDoes safety window film prevent glass shattering and scattering from natural disasters or break-ins?Safety Window Film is designed thicker and sturdier than regular window film to prevent the glass from shattering and scattering. When people accidentally hit the window, the safety-film-installed glass can be held securely on the window frame. If the glass finally breaks, the debris can stick together and thus decrease the chance of hurting people or pets. When natural disasters strike, the installation of safety film can increase the safety level of the windows and protect homes and people inside. Safety film provides extra reinforcement for your window and glass. When some unwanted activities like break-ins happen, it defers the time from entering the house and office, and increases the safety level.Clean the Safety Window TintHow do I clean the Window Film and Safety Film? Be gentle to your newly installed window film and safety film. Wait a few weeks before cleaning the film, and the cleaning steps are as follows:Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the film. A microfiber cloth is recommended for wiping your filmAvoid ammonia based or harsher cleaning productsDo not use abrasive cleaning products such as brushes to avoid scratching the filmImportant to clean the window film in the same direction as the cut lines along the edgesBe sure to dry the window film well. If water is left on the film, it could go underneath the film and cause bubbling or other issues.

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