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Car Window Film Questions


Select Window Tint

How to choose the perfect window tint film percentage or visible light transmitting (VLT) for your car?Consumers can choose the perfect percentage of VLT of window film based upon their personal preferences. The higher the VLT, the brighter the car interior, as more lights will be passed through the car windows. Or vice versa. We also know the darker film does not mean it can reduce more heat than the brighter film. However, each country has different laws regarding choosing a window tint film percentage for your vehicle. Please check your country's legal requirements to select your car window film.


Window Tint Replacement

When should I replace my window film?Window films are designed to provide your car protection from excessive sun lights for a long term of use. It is recommended to replace your window films every five to seven years, as the heat or UV rejection rate may drop after that. When you see bubbles, bulgins and fading, maybe it is time to replace your window films.Bubbles and Bulging: bubbles occur as a normal part of the application process, as the water gets trapped between the window and the film, but bubbles are also a sign of aging of window tint.Fading: Window film may fade with increased use of time, if you find that your insulation paper fades, you should consider replacing your window film.Scratches and Peeling: If the window film is scratched or damaged, it can affect its.

How To Clean Tinted Car Windows

How to clean my car windows after the installation of the window film?First, most importantly, do not rub or roll down your window in 7-10 days after the installation. And wait 10 days before cleaning the inside of the window. If the window needs cleaning, please use ammonia-free window cleaner and wipe it with sponge or microfiber cloth. Do not use any sharp objects to wipe the window film.

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